About Us

The intersection of the three parties' deliveries with respect to the satisfaction of all involved = 3x win.

FAREON guarantees its share of the cooperation by being responsible for the client's requirements and the professionalism of the employee. Our responsibility is to maintain a three-way relationship in terms of the requirements of all parties = 3 win system.


Stable, long-term projects, with only selected, serious and verified companies.


  • Keeping the word - no false promises, but realistic view of situations and the search for the best solutions for all
  • Giving second chances to those who understand the meaning of words self-reflection and humbleness
  • Our work is based on mutual respect and treating every party equally
  • We do our best and are always trying to help, but within some boundaries. We do not fulfill unrealistic expectations, and we do not tolerate any attempts to abuse our services.   


  • Making decisions based on valid facts 
  • Good character is the key for success 
  • Being able to apologize and learning from mistakes is moving everyone forward and is a sign of professionalism 

ON time

  • Striving for fast answers and solutions - if we cannot provide them instantly we admit it and take the time to give a qualified answer 
  • Expecting also on time deliveries of information from clients 
  • Not owing anyone anything and paying off debts