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Jozef SK
ID: 29647574

Experienced EDM operator with knowledge of Mitsubishi software and over 3 years of experience with electro erosion. Work done according to documentations.

Sector: CNC
Profession: CNC miller, CNC EDM wire-cut
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Vasile RO
ID: 91398242

CNC miller programmer with more than 8 years of experience. He worked in Belgium at company DANA for one year. He also worked in Italy and Romania. He is experienced in programming Fanuc.

Sector: CNC
Profession: CNC miller
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Mihai RO
ID: 91639266

Experienced welder with more than 10 years of experience. He worked in the Netherlands at company Profile Nout in Tiel. Also he was working in France and Romania, certified in 135, 138.

Sector: Metal
Profession: Welder
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Jozef SK
ID: 25836216

An all-around painter with experience with decorative interior painting, furniture, door and window restoration, spray painting of metal machines and parts and industrial constructions and products hand painting (Belgium, USA) A very good personality. Speaks good English.

Sector: Painting
Profession: Painter, Spray painter
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